North Carolina’s first statewide recovery celebration is scheduled for October 7, 2017. This is the national recovery month after party you do not want to miss. Celebrate the journey at #NCRecoveryFest17!

Recovery Communities

of North Carolina

Recovery Communities of North Carolina is a 501 (c) (3) and our mission is to promote addiction recovery, wellness and citizenship through advocacy, education and support.

RCNC Vision:

  • North Carolina promotes a culture that supports addiction recovery for individuals, families and communities
  • North Carolinians seeking addiction recovery have access to the highest quality care, services, and support
  • North Carolinians in addiction recovery are equal and valued members of our State
  • North Carolinians in addiction recovery have opportunities to achieve their fullest educational, occupational and civic potential
  • Recovery from addiction is a celebrated reality


New & Updates:

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The Rule 62 Club

The Rule 62 Club

At one of their usual Saturday cookouts, a close-knit group of friends in recovery started an innovative conversation. Each of...

Family & Ally Support Group

Family & Ally Support Group

“Dropping my son off at the men’s shelter was one of the most bewildering places I had ever been in...

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