RCNC Recovery Podcast J3(5): Kevin McCauley, “We already have a superpower.”


Chris interviews Kevin McCauley, creator of the pivotal video essays Pleasure UnwovenMemo to Self. Kevin is a medical doctor, using his clinical education and lived experience as a person in long-term addiction recovery to create highly accessible works, explaining the neuroscience of addiction. Kevin describes how people and their families have been craving this information, and how knowing it brings greater understanding of addiction and hope for recovery. Chris and Kevin discuss their mutual connection with Bill White and how his research has influenced their work. Kevin gives more background for the films and explains the impact incarceration has had on his spirituality and professional trajectory.


Joining them on their journey is our friend, Tom Edwards. Tom is a board member with RCNC and recently brought Kevin to Durham for an epic presentation. Tom risks his life on the highway to capture this image of the highly dangerous North Carolina Snapping Turtle.

the-empathKevin earns major cool points when he alludes to Star Trek when describing the uniquely helpful superpower folks in addiction recovery already possess. Even extra cool points to Kevin, when he helps us understand Chris Budnick’s superpower wish with an awesome Matrix reference.

Donald McDonald