RCNC has an Attitude of Gratitude!


Our team gathered for a feast of roast beast before we went our separate ways for some much need self-care, spending quality time with our friends, families, and communities. Working in a recovery culture, we are always mindful of the importance and power of gratitude, and this special time around the table inspired us to reflect on our respective gratitude lists. We have an attitude of gratitude.


  • Kristen, “I am grateful for the entire RCNC family – our board, staff and recovery community.”
  • Claire, “Today, I am grateful for freedom from bondage, meaningful relationships, living a life of intention & purpose, peace in my soul, and being of service.”
  • Charlie, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to work along with all of our participants… oh, and long, warm socks.”
  • Steph, “I am grateful for opportunities, forgiveness, kindness, & second chances. Grateful for my family & friends, my community, and all of my animals.”
  • Intern Suzie, “I am thankful for having the opportunity to work with the amazing staff at RCNC for my internship. I am grateful that there is an organization that has a cutting edge 21st Century message that supports many pathways to recovery. I am thankful for Donald for allowing me to do my internship and giving me a new vision of recovery every day when I work with him, the staff and the participants of RCNC.”
  • Laura, “I am grateful for the presence of grace and ease in my life… making everyday perfect.”
  • James, “I am grateful for my cat, George.”
  • Cecily, “I am grateful for this job and my sobriety. I’m grateful for so much in this life. I can’t name them all.”
  • Terri, “I’m grateful for our participants because they give me an opportunity to see miracles everyday.”
  • Doc, “Family and friends.”
  • Kayla Jean, “I’m grateful for Donald.”
  • Brandon, “I am grateful to be able to help people in their process of recovery.”
  • Donald, “I am grateful for the amazing women in my life – healers, teachers, and leaders. I would be lost without them. I am eternally thankful for the Earth Mother who gives ceaselessly and asks for nothing.”



Donald McDonald