NC CCAR Recovery Coach Academy: passing the mantle


“You never know who you will run into or where God will place you to be of service. There is so much that I envision to be able to do with this training, but only time will tell where that leads. For now, I know this will help me to be a better coach to the women at Healing Transitions and hopefully to the ones that leave here as well. Again, I highly recommend and encourage anyone who has not had this training to jump on board!! I am so excited to be able to be a part of this movement and to share the gifts of recovery with others!!” Candice Kiser (NC CCAR RCA Alumna, Cohort #6).

Graduating our 6th recovery coach academy cohort marked an historical transition at RCNC. Betty Currier has passed the RCA mantle to Donald McDonald, our Director of Advocacy and Education. We are extremely fortunate that Brenda Monforti will remain as co-facilitator, bringing her extensive training experience and passion for RCA. Betty will be the first to tell you that she is not out to pasture. She remains actively connected with RCNC as board secretary and will continue in a supporting role with the academy. We want to thank Betty for all she has done to foster a culture of recovery in NC. Follow this link to learn more about RCA and don’t forget to check out our free monthly continuing education series here. December’s Community Recovery Education Series features Clinical Humility by Chris Budnick (Executive Director Healing Transitions) and Cultural Humility by Vivette Jeffries-Logan (Founder & Principal of Biwa Consulting). We are delighted to announce that Michael McGuire from the UNC School of Social Work will be bringing us three hours of Motivational Interviewing in January, complete with approved hours through NCSAPPB, ASWB, and NBCC. RCNC continues to provide the highest quality recovery education from community members for community members free of charge. However, as the philosopher Arthur Fonzarelli may have said:


Donald McDonald