Recovery Ally Recognition

Nominate an Outstanding Recovery Ally

The Outstanding Recovery Ally Recognition is designed to highlight the actions of individuals, businesses, organizations or institutions who raise the profile of recovery and engage in practices that improve the lives of persons in long term recovery.

2015-09-12 Donna & Gina - award


Any individual, business, organization or institution who engages in promoting the well-being of, lowering the barriers to the success of, or reducing the stigma surrounding persons in long term recovery can be nominated.

Selection Criteria:

Any individual, business, organization or institution can be nominated for recognition if they:

  • Engage in activities or enact policies that reduce the barriers to employment, education and other life goals.
  • Increase housing to support recovery.
  • Advocate for policies¬†on a federal, state, or local level that enable recovery, health, wellness, and civic engagement for people affected by alcohol and other drugs.
  • Raise the profile of recovery through messaging, activism, or education.

Nomination Process:

Complete the following nomination form.


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