RCNC Recovery Podcast J3(4): Tom Coderre, “Who rounds down?!?”

2015-09-12 Tom Coderre - walk

Chris interviews Tom Coderre, SAMHSA Chief of Staff. Tom just got that gig, so we were grateful he could make the time for North Carolina. He came down from DC to speak at our 4th Capital Area Rally for Recovery, September 2015, and gave a tremendous talk on the recovery movement as a civil rights movement.

Chris and Tom chat a little about Tom’s path from addiction to national recovery movement leader. Tom also shares a funny story about our own Betty Currier. “Who rounds down!?!” Betty was on the Faces and Voices of Recovery board of directors way back in the day and Tom had just been hired as the national field director. Per custom, Chris asks Tom what his super power would be if he could have one. His choice quickly prompted a discussion about self-care. Chris and Tom are cut from the same cloth.

We’re back on the road with this one, so you’ll notice the ambient traffic noise is back. Before our next episode, Chris springs for some lavalier microphones, and they help a bit. I’m using Garage Band to produce the final product. Compression only helps so much. Any suggestions?

20160409_180213 (1)Stay tuned for our next episode where Chris interviews Edwin Ahadzie, our friend from Accra, Ghana. Chris is a board member with Recovery Africa, and Edwin has visited us a few times as we learn from each other’s recovery movements. Edwin shares about his horrifying experience initiating recovery, chained to a pole in a prayer camp. He now devotes his life to helping others thrive in recovery through his work at House of St. Francis.