NC Addiction Recovery Advocacy Day

 Thank you for making The 2nd Annual NC Addiction Recovery Advocacy Day an epic success. On February 28, 2017, you joined nearly 200 citizens from over 50 cities advocating for recovery, and your voices were heard. We are not anonymous. We recover and we vote. We are a constituency of consequence. We are North Carolinians.
“You must create a healing forest.” – Don Coyhis, White Bison
 Our advocacy trainers prepared you to speak with your representatives in the most impactful way, using your stories, empowered with recovery language, and informed on the issues. 
Our guest speakers proclaimed their ally status and emboldened you to advocate for yourselves,
for your families, and for your communities.
The media joined our mission to raise the profile of recovery and reduce the stigma of addiction by focusing on our strength
and our progress.

Please stay plugged in. We will return to Jones Street in 2018 but we will continually keep you up to date on legislative developments that impact our people. Until then, join our advocacy efforts through recovery visibility! We are organizing the NC Recovery Celebration, scheduled for October 7, 2017. Add your face and your voice to the #NCRecoveryMovement!